I’m not going to make it…

But I’m surprisingly okay with that!

NaNoWriMo – five days left and still below 20000 words which in itself is a failure but I am adopting a different perspective!

I have managed to write all my pivotal, action chapters from start to finish. It was like my subconscious knew I wouldn’t make it, so my brain rushed to get the main parts down so I could revisit and plump it out at my own leisurely pace. I’m just relieved to have the main story down, the rest seems like a casual stroll in the park which sure I will not accomplish by the 30th but I can spend time really looking over and adding when I feel like it. I admit defeat – time to grab a drink and chill out I think.

The main reason/excuse for completing NaNoWriMo? As lame as it sounds, my partner had 2 weeks off work and I wanted to make the most of it before baby comes! Also had a few birthday/christenings crop up. I know i know, that’s life. I also did not account for what I like to call “pregnant days”. The days where I wake up and the day seems so pointless, I debate getting out of bed. Or the days where I do get out of bed and the world suffers as a simple act would put me in a bad mood for a couple of days. Not just a bad mood. A dark abyss. The depths of hell. Thanks hormones!

So there we have it. Not completed or near to it but still a personal achievement and a work in progress. I have never written anything I have felt so committed to and excited about but this is different!

Well done to those writers who have/could still make it, you are an inspiration and source of jealousy to us all! 


Procrastination; the writer’s nemesis



8 a.m: “Today I will write all day”


Check emails

Check news

Wash up

Fix washing machine

Sew button onto jacket

Sort through clothes

Clean windows

Research symptom

Make doctor’s appointment

Check blog

Browse forums

Arrange baby shower

Pay bills


Shop for lunch

Rearrange fridge

Settle down to write

Research idea

Watch documentary

Watch E4

5 p.m  “So, did you do some writing?”

 “Mentally, yes.”

Writing a birth scene

So I’ve come to a stand still with my story at the final leap. The ending is a birthing scene but I’m staring at a blank page realising I have never read a birth scene.

There seem to be a major lack of them in fiction – sex scenes in abundance but the aftermath is usually glossed over but with such a powerful, emotive act surely it should be explored.

It is from the husband’s point of view which is what I’m finding difficult – obviously there is a lot of waiting around and he can only assume how his wife feels.

Its a home birth but there is a doctor present. (The story is set in a time where this baby is illegal and they have had to hide it from the government etc.)

I have never given birth, although due to very soon which makes tacking this even more frightening.

Does anybody have tips on writing a birth scene (no twilight shit!) or have they read any? What makes a good birthing scene, is there a balance between gore and emotion?

NaNoWriMo Update

My chapters are coming up too short, averaging at 1100 each. I’m progressing with the main plot well but my characters are lacking depth and my chapters are missing subplots.

Wondering if I should go back now and plump them out before I get too far into the word count or get down the foundations and adjust the layers later??

Only on 6851 at the moment – I missed a day yesterday which makes a real difference. So my aim is reach 10,000 today but I’m just contemplating the best way to go about this.


At first I was skeptical about the concept of NaNoWriMo, however now after just a few days in I’m loving it. 

I finally have something to sink my teeth into and having this challenge is extremely motivating and forces me to turn the laptop on everyday even if I’m not feeling particularly inspired.

I’ve found the thing which gets me most in the writing zone is to read through my plan again. 

Having a physical representation of how other people are doing is also a kick up the arse but it also gives a wonderful united sense of achievement.

My story has altered slightly, mainly with changes to characters and added depth to ideas. I almost don’t mind if I don’t reach the word count as long as I have a story or even a part of a story by the end of it.

My NaNoWriMo essentials so far?

My bed (also host to three sleeping kitties), bottle of water, breadsticks with chocolate spread (pregnancy craving, don’t judge), online thesaurus, Google images and utter silence. I would even say this blog – When i need a break i have a nosy at other posts and as most of them mention their NaNoWriMo journey, it gets me back on track.

I find I write best when I’m by myself as there is nobody to break that wonderful, almost spiritial state of mind a writer has when in full flow. There is nothing better than being so involved in your writing that you forget everything around you and surface a few hours later wondering where the last three hours went. Then looking at your screen, seeing pages of words and feeling immense satisfaction.

That said, I’m off to work on my piece. On 3694 words so far and I’m aiming to be at least 5000 by the end of the day.


Up and running! My username is CaterinaRichmond64, feel free to add.


Title: For the best

Brief Synopsis: Set in a Dysoptian Britain, immigration has gotten out of control so the government have imposed a one policy inspired by China. Babies are micro-chipped at birth and there is an authority who invade homes and enforce this law. The protagonist, Frederic Carter, is one of these officials and is put in a difficult situation when birth control fails. With a wife refusing to have an abortion, cases of infanticide and child-trafficking, his options are limited and time is running out to make a united decision. Aware of the new extremities the government are introducing such as kidnapping and forced abortions, Fred becomes desperate, proposing unthinkable solutions which unsurprisingly causes a rift between him and his wife. They find a solution they both agree with but when nature uproots this so close to the birth, Fred does something unimaginable which he feels is best for his family.

I’m crying in a corner excited!