Writing a birth scene

So I’ve come to a stand still with my story at the final leap. The ending is a birthing scene but I’m staring at a blank page realising I have never read a birth scene.

There seem to be a major lack of them in fiction – sex scenes in abundance but the aftermath is usually glossed over but with such a powerful, emotive act surely it should be explored.

It is from the husband’s point of view which is what I’m finding difficult – obviously there is a lot of waiting around and he can only assume how his wife feels.

Its a home birth but there is a doctor present. (The story is set in a time where this baby is illegal and they have had to hide it from the government etc.)

I have never given birth, although due to very soon which makes tacking this even more frightening.

Does anybody have tips on writing a birth scene (no twilight shit!) or have they read any? What makes a good birthing scene, is there a balance between gore and emotion?



Up and running! My username is CaterinaRichmond64, feel free to add.


Title: For the best

Brief Synopsis: Set in a Dysoptian Britain, immigration has gotten out of control so the government have imposed a one policy inspired by China. Babies are micro-chipped at birth and there is an authority who invade homes and enforce this law. The protagonist, Frederic Carter, is one of these officials and is put in a difficult situation when birth control fails. With a wife refusing to have an abortion, cases of infanticide and child-trafficking, his options are limited and time is running out to make a united decision. Aware of the new extremities the government are introducing such as kidnapping and forced abortions, Fred becomes desperate, proposing unthinkable solutions which unsurprisingly causes a rift between him and his wife. They find a solution they both agree with but when nature uproots this so close to the birth, Fred does something unimaginable which he feels is best for his family.

I’m crying in a corner excited!


So it’s one thing being unprepared for NaNoWriMo and it’s another thing when your account doesn’t physically work =\

Miffed much.


My idea finally came to me last night accompanied by a ripple of excitement. It incorporates a few interests/potential ideas I’ve had in the past but have never actually worked on.

Using today to explore the characters and plan the chapters, although I must admit I’m not one to write in chapter order. I kind of write the one I can envision the most and work the others around the rest.

I’m nervous about plumping up the story with other minor plots – Do you usually plan the little details or make them up as you go?

Just signed up for NaNoWriMo!

Perhaps out of the pure shock that I have a creative writing degree and did not know this existed, I have joined in an attempt to redeem the title of “writer”.

Little apprehensive…50,000 words seems optimistic. Maybe 10,000 would be more realistic but c’est la vie.

My current novel idea is a children’s novel which puts an added dread to the word count…

To put it into perspective, Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone has a word count of 76944 apparently. I don’t quite know if that alters my feelings whatsoever.

But currently being 7 months pregnant, I have no excuse not to give it go.

What is there to lose eh?

Apart from self confidence, assurance and respect 🙂