Writing a birth scene

So I’ve come to a stand still with my story at the final leap. The ending is a birthing scene but I’m staring at a blank page realising I have never read a birth scene.

There seem to be a major lack of them in fiction – sex scenes in abundance but the aftermath is usually glossed over but with such a powerful, emotive act surely it should be explored.

It is from the husband’s point of view which is what I’m finding difficult – obviously there is a lot of waiting around and he can only assume how his wife feels.

Its a home birth but there is a doctor present. (The story is set in a time where this baby is illegal and they have had to hide it from the government etc.)

I have never given birth, although due to very soon which makes tacking this even more frightening.

Does anybody have tips on writing a birth scene (no twilight shit!) or have they read any? What makes a good birthing scene, is there a balance between gore and emotion?


6 thoughts on “Writing a birth scene

  1. Interesting idea, to finish a story with a birth. Are you planning to take it to a sequel? Also very excited to hear about your own pregnancy. Must be a very exciting and daunting time!

    • Well the story is about an illegal birth to do with a one child policy britain adopt in the future to tackle immigration problems so it ends with the birth but the father bribes the doctor to take the baby away (saying it is dead) to avoid his family being ripped apart by the government.
      And yes it is very exciting and daunting, I think that’s why I was tempted to write about pregnancy but in a more severe environment – take the pressure off a bit =]

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