At first I was skeptical about the concept of NaNoWriMo, however now after just a few days in I’m loving it. 

I finally have something to sink my teeth into and having this challenge is extremely motivating and forces me to turn the laptop on everyday even if I’m not feeling particularly inspired.

I’ve found the thing which gets me most in the writing zone is to read through my plan again. 

Having a physical representation of how other people are doing is also a kick up the arse but it also gives a wonderful united sense of achievement.

My story has altered slightly, mainly with changes to characters and added depth to ideas. I almost don’t mind if I don’t reach the word count as long as I have a story or even a part of a story by the end of it.

My NaNoWriMo essentials so far?

My bed (also host to three sleeping kitties), bottle of water, breadsticks with chocolate spread (pregnancy craving, don’t judge), online thesaurus, Google images and utter silence. I would even say this blog – When i need a break i have a nosy at other posts and as most of them mention their NaNoWriMo journey, it gets me back on track.

I find I write best when I’m by myself as there is nobody to break that wonderful, almost spiritial state of mind a writer has when in full flow. There is nothing better than being so involved in your writing that you forget everything around you and surface a few hours later wondering where the last three hours went. Then looking at your screen, seeing pages of words and feeling immense satisfaction.

That said, I’m off to work on my piece. On 3694 words so far and I’m aiming to be at least 5000 by the end of the day.


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Best of luck on your writing! I’m glad that NaNo is working for you and, I agree, searching through these blogs helps to keep one’s motivation up. My sister and I, when our work schedules allow us to, work on our NaNos together. We type along, pause every once in a while to make faces at each other, then keep plugging along. Happy writing!

  2. I’m glad that your journey is going well! Sometimes the little things make challenges like this so much easier – kittens make everything easier!

    And breadsticks in chocolate spread? Wow! I like salt and vinegar stick crisps (chipsticks) dipped in chocolate spread – it works surprisingly well! The saltiness mixed with the sweet spread. Mmm.

    It’s only taken me 3 days to finally look at other people’s blogs, about time too!

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