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Title: For the best

Brief Synopsis: Set in a Dysoptian Britain, immigration has gotten out of control so the government have imposed a one policy inspired by China. Babies are micro-chipped at birth and there is an authority who invade homes and enforce this law. The protagonist, Frederic Carter, is one of these officials and is put in a difficult situation when birth control fails. With a wife refusing to have an abortion, cases of infanticide and child-trafficking, his options are limited and time is running out to make a united decision. Aware of the new extremities the government are introducing such as kidnapping and forced abortions, Fred becomes desperate, proposing unthinkable solutions which unsurprisingly causes a rift between him and his wife. They find a solution they both agree with but when nature uproots this so close to the birth, Fred does something unimaginable which he feels is best for his family.

I’m crying in a corner excited!


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