Editing your own writing

I have just looked over a novel I have been working on (mentally. Physically there were only one and half chapters =\) and was quite mortified.

The amount of typo’s were unreal.


Obviously I had looked over it before a couple of times. I even submitted a chapter as sample work. I’m not one to often make typo’s (at least I thought) but this has made me realise…

Edit after you write!! This sounds obvious, but I mean more specifically, look over your work after time has passed! When it is fresh in your mind, you gloss over bits or it all makes perfect sense. But revisiting it after a few months really gives you a different and more realistic perspective!

My new focus – write all the chapters. Leave it. Edit. Leave it again. Double edit.


2 thoughts on “Editing your own writing

  1. I find that if I send my WIP to my kindle it is easier to spot typos. Also, I heard some writers say that just switching the font you are using in your word processing program will help that as well. Good luck and happy writing! -RB

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