This is something I constantly struggle with. Niche. The thing which makes me stand out against the rest…Surely a concept to fill somebody with inspiration, confidence, heck even a dose of self-admiration? If anything, this drives me to the brink of depression, panic and self-loathing.

What’s my niche? What is my niche in writing? Good God, what is my niche in life?? Do I have one? Can I find one? If so, where??

And so, the reckless pursuit of adopting a niche takes action. Like browsing the local pound, finding the right puppy which will define you – to yourself and to others. Yet it seems I am not ready for this committed definition. I find excuses as to why this puppy is not the little rascal I want following me around for the peak of my life. I make a list of my talents (which are never good enough), my interests (never interesting enough) and even explore my personal life (which lacks my own interest let alone forcing it upon others). People seem to develop their niches in blogs so here I am.

So I guess I’m looking for a little help…What is your niche? How did you find/develop it?And is it so awful not to have one?


7 thoughts on “Niche

  1. One possible way forward would not think of a “niche” and merely (“merely” he says!) write in various ways and genre? I have tried romances (difficult for unromantic me), westerns, SF …. and found a degree of satisfaction in the trying of each. I have tried to write about grief, joy, humour (you will see I am English by that spelling) and again I do not yet know what my “niche” is. I believe any clarification of our niche can come only when we have tried a range of possibilities, in writing and in life. Does that make some sort of sense?

    • Thanks for replying!

      It does make sense! It makes me feel a little better too. I find I’m trying to explore my writing yet everywhere I turn, there is this pressure to have your own niche and then I end up feeling more lost than when I began!

  2. Hey Caterina

    Don’t feel pressured, just write (easier said than done!) Best approach is to work out what you like to read yourself, what you enjoy writing about, and what you know to write about. Write for the sheer joy of writing, and get feedback. Learn from what other people respond to best in your writing. Then you’ll be some way to finding your ‘writer’s voice’.

    I really recommend blog. It provides daily writing practice opportunities, and you get friendly feedback from writers at all different stages and backgrounds. Posting on this site has certainly helped me to build confidence. I’d love to discuss any ideas with you 🙂

    • Hi Katie,
      Thanks for the advice and the link looks great!
      Do you think you should write purely from experience? There’s a few topics I’m really interested in but without the personal experience I feel too apprehensive to begin

      • Hi Caterina

        Interesting question! Experience is a good starting point. If you’re interested in topics that you don’t have personal experience of, researching on the internet is a good starting point, especially if you can get access to first person accounts. It’s impossible to have experienced everything, but if you can write with enthusiasm and empathy, you can probably carry your readers along with you. What topics are you interested in?

      • I’m really interested in mental disorders, japanese culture and chinese child trafficking. (I make them sound like hobbies but I assure you they are not. Just things that have sparked my interest lately.)
        I worry that writing about japanese culture for example may seem patronising and uninformed and I don’t want people to disregard or criticise my work because of being english – even if i do the necessary research

  3. I like your post on the Shamisen. I find Japanese culture fascinating too! I think you could come up with a really interesting story if you combined all three themes. As for being patronising, if you approach other cultures with genuine interest, and respect, I think they’re more likely to be flattered. Go for it!

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